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I love your work. :) Maybe Do you make more weapons like rifle, assault rifle, submachine gun? 

Hi! Thanks!

Yes, I have the idea for 2 o 3 more packs, at least, with other weapons, accesories and clothings but I have been pretty busy this months. I will try to continue working on this.

Looks very good. Do you make more Icons? Like modern Medecine (Bandages, First Aid Kits, Painkillers ect...) and some modern Skills Icons would be nice :) 

Hi, many thanks! I'm glad you like them! Yes, I had the idea to continue with this packages but was a bit busy. If you are interested I can make them in the next weeks... Do you need them to be specially for you? or just packages here on 


its okey when you released the packages here on 

I'll definitely buy them then. :)

I was wondering do you plan on adding two handed weapons like machine guns and shotguns?

Hi! Yes, the idea was to do more packs in this style, including 2 handed weapons, healing items, accesories and maybe clothing too but I had been very busy with other proyects lately. I will try to make some time to continue working on this.

Okay sounds good! I already purchased this pack and I'm going to purchase your other pack too. You could also make a bullet proof vest as a part of clothing. I'll try and think of more as I develop my game. If you're interested I can send you a free copy of my game when its done especially if you can do a few custom icons for me for my game. :)